DMC report blames firm for disrupting oxygen supply to Delhi hospital


NEW DELHI: The disruption in oxygen supply in the Delhi hospital in 2012 had killed five patients who were on ventilator. Now the DMC has said after five years that the Oxygen supplying firm is to be blamed and the doctors were not at fault.

The report of a long-drawn inquiry by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) made public on August 30, 2017, has held the AMC company responsible for disrupting oxygen supply to the Sushrut Trauma Centre on December 4, 2012, due to which five patients died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The report, presented after five years of the tragedy, said that there was no medical negligence on the part of doctors in the matter.

However, DMC Registrar, Dr Girish Tyagi, told DTMT that unfortunately lives were lost, due to administrative lapses. Hence, the Delhi government is requested to fix accountability and to initiate corrective measures to prevent such incidents from happening in future.

“The oxygen supplier firm AMC company had disrupted oxygen supply for which it is responsible, which it should not have done keeping in mind its life-saving job,” the DMC found.

“Disruption of the oxygen supply was a lapse on the part of the company, who was responsible to provide the continuous supply of oxygen. After which two doctors along with nursing staff called other doctors and nurses from operation theater etc. and managed/resuscitated all the patients and performed their duties with proper care and skill. All the five patients in question were on ventilators and critically ill, suffering from neuro-surgical problems with poor prognosis”, said the report.


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