Umaid hospital video: Baby alive, says Rajasthan Govt.

Umaid hospital Rajasthan
Rohit Shishodia

The Rajasthan government has acknowledged that two doctors were quarreling in the operation theater of the Umaid Hospital while the C-section delivery was in progress. However, it stated that both the baby and the mother are doing fine. The video of the doctors quarreling with each other had gone viral on social media sites.

The Rajasthan government has said that the baby that was reported dead in the Operation Theater in Umaid hospital where doctors were quarreling, is actually alive.

In a statement, the state government has said that various newspapers and news channels have wrongly shown that the baby died in the video where Dr Ashok Nainwal, an obstetrician, and Dr ML Tak, an anesthetist, started quarreling amidst the c-section surgery. The state government has said that the baby and the mother are doing fine.

The Rajasthan government has informed that both of the doctors have been suspended for their highly uncalled for and inhuman attitude in the operation theater where they started shouting at each other.

It also informed that it has constituted a panel headed by the upper district magistrate which will submit its report in the matter by September 2, 2017.


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