Amend Pharmacy Act: IPA urges IPC

Rohit Shishodia

The Indian Pharmacists association, on the strength of a Supreme Court ruling, is demanding that non-qualified persons must be barred from entering the pharma profession.

The Indian Pharmacists Association (IPA) has urged the Indian Pharma Council (IPC) to amend the Pharmacy Act after a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of India.

The apex court in July 2017, ruled about introduction of various changes in the pharmacy act including that only qualified pharmacists can enter the pharma profession. The IPA has also written to Indian health minister JP Nadda in the matter.

Mr Bhupendra Kumar, Secretary General, IPA, told DTMT that individuals who are unqualified and do not possess any degree or diploma are illegally engaged in the pharma profession.

“They are harming the profession and endangering the lives of patients by giving various medicines without having any knowledge about them. We have written a letter to IPC to amend the pharmacy act so that only qualified pharmacist can practice the pharma profession,” informed Mr Kumar.  

The IPA, in a statement, said that the Supreme Court ruled that any person who does not satisfy the qualifications as per the education regulations shall not be entitled to seek any entry in the pharmacy register.

The IPA mentioned that at present there are some lacunae in the Pharmacy Act which has been misused by a number of uneducated individuals. “Non pharma person or quacks, finding discrepancies in the pharmacy act, are making a mockery of Pharma Council of India, government and drug control department,” added IPA.

The IPA pointed out that these quacks are fatal for the health of the common man as pharmacy is a scientific profession and it requires detailed study of pharmacy subjects.

The IPA has demanded that IPC abolish all pharmacy tribunals and cancel registration of unqualified individuals who are practicing pharmacy.

The other demands include amendment in section 11, 30 and 32 of the Pharmacy Act, removal of section 14 of pharmacy act and cancellation of registration of 8,940 non-pharmacist persons in Jharkhand and some in Chhattisgarh.


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