Online Advertisement: A need of hour

Revenue generation for any news publication or its website has become quite challenging these days. Increasing number of newspapers, magazines and news portals pose a serious challenge for industry owners that how they get advertisement and increase their businesses.

Although, print media still attracts large number of readers but to maintain their readership, there is need to have adequate advertisements that can generate revenue. Now in the era of 4G when most youngsters have smart phones and want to read news in quick succession. An Online Advertisement has emerged as new tool for revenue generation.

In fact, it has become unique source of income for various media players that exist in market. Almost all the media houses are running their websites and develop various methods to attract readers. They regularly publish news and video materials on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.  They get sufficient online advertisement that results enhancing business.

This serves two purpose one it promotes the media house and on the other it also promotes the company. The moot point in the online advertisement is that companies’ advertisements remain visible all the time on the website. A click on that advertisement opens various chapter of information about it.

As the online news and videos can be accessed globally, there is possibility that some advertisement can also be gotten from foreign countries. Ultimately, online advertisement has added the new and additional option of source of income.

For any media company, it requires to hire qualified IT professionals, journalists and content writers who can attract readers as well as advertisement companies.


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