Ghazipur landfill: a ticking bomb

Rohit Shishodia 

The two deaths recently due to collapse of major portions of Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill on passerby has instilled major fear among the residents of Ghazipur dairy farm and nearby colonies. The landfill, which has already caused major damage to the health of the residents, has now become a nightmare for the residents. They are living in great fear now.

The residents have urged government and civic agencies to urgently remove the landfill from Ghazipur so that more damage can be averted.

The resident inform that this landfill has caused diseases including cancer, respiratory diseases such as TB and asthma and even skin problems due to its filth, foul stink and smoke over the last 30 years. The landfill gives out methane gas and other chemicals which results in major fires and blasts at the dumping site.

The residents complain that the groundwater has also been polluted due to the landfill. The consumption of this polluted groundwater has resulted in rampant gastric ailments among residents. The current Delhi government has neglected this area. There is no government clinic here.

“Why there is no Mohalla clinic in the Ghazipur dairy farm. Are we not humans? There is no government facility in the entire area where we can consult the doctors. Even the private doctors are just for name's sake,” rued the residents. The two small clinics were found closed when this correspondent went through the Ghazipur farm.

Sanjeev, a resident of Ghazipur dairy farm, said that his wife is pregnant and doctors have instructed him to shift his wife somewhere else from Ghazipur as there could be major health complications to the child and his mother. “I have shifted my wife to her parental home as doctors have strictly warned against her staying in Ghazipur,” added Sanjeev.

He informed that Ghazipur is also a harmful place for newborns and kids. He said that two deaths due to fall of a portion of the landfill has instilled more fear among residents. “Those who have money are migrating from here to other areas of Delhi and those who do not have are forced to live here. They are left with no option but to inhale the polluted air caused by landfill and invite more diseases,” explained Sanjeev.

Mohit, a young student said that his own grandfather has died of cancer and people are not marrying their daughter into the Ghazipur area. The landfill has become the identity of this area. Mohit said there is no mohalla clinic in this area which hurts most. “It feels that we are not living in Delhi,” added Mohit.


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